General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Post  DarkPrince on Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:33 pm


By registering as a member of Northwest Brawler Community, you agree to:

- Participate and be active
- Treat others the way they would treat you back - with respect
- No Trolling / Ignore the trolls that appear on the page.
- Avoid All Caps, in which is considered shouting.
- No Flame Wars. Settle your differences somewhere else
- Name your threads properly
- Stay on topic as much as possible
- Make sure you avoid duplicates of a topic that is already on the forums
- Pornography is strictly prohibited! If its something that has partial nudity, keep it in link formation.
- Be mindful of your words, for I'm not limiting you but there will be people that will not like certain things.
- You are responsible for the posts you make.
- Use proper grammar. I'm not limiting you on broken English but if you want people to understand you clearly, it is required.

Note that threads that have been inactive for 3 months will be locked

There will be times where people will forget (which is understandable), but these rules are here for your benefits so we can keep this community growing, and just have fun being part of this community.

Thank you,


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